The Best Special Trailer Tires

With more and more STR orders coming from US clients, today we'd like to introduce you our Semi-steel STR again as following:
1. Technology: NAMA STR is designed by one technical team from major brand, with same production line of UHP RFT tires;
2. Equipments: World Class production equipments for STR production line. Building Machine: Saferich, which is called 'Chinese VMI' to ensure tire uniformity!
3. See following testing report from Third Party Testing Lab for our ST235/85R16 with footprint for your reference. 

    1>. Ultra-long-distance test of 250hrs, far exceeding Chinese standard of 47hrs and Smither 139 test Standard of 120hrs!       
    2>. Running Mileage is up to 10,000miles, resulted no damage! 
    3>. Successfully passed Puncture Resistance test on 5 spots with 19mm indenter;

    4>. High Speed Performance Test: Running Up to 170km/h, almost reaching UHP high-speed performance test standard!
    5>. Footprint: 
          A. Color distribution of each point is uniform, which means the pressure of each point is uniform!
          B. Large & Oval area of ground contact, which makes small pressure on unit area and as a result, tire tread is very wear-resistant and with longer mileage!
          C. The more footprint is oval,  the better tire uniformity and tire constructure are! 

4. Providing DDP to door service! Welcome your inquiry with your warehouse zip code~

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