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Most of today's cars use radial tires, and traditional bias tires are used less and less.

The so-called radial tire means that the inner cord weave of the tire is arranged at an angle of 90 degrees to the center line of the tread, similar to the meridian on the globe. The invention of the radial tire is a revolution in the tire industry and a new direction for the development of automobile tires.

Radial tires have the following advantages:

(1) The crown and sidewall of radial tires are relatively independent, the crown is thick and has a hard belt layer, the ground contact area is large, and the adhesion performance is good; and the unit ground pressure is small, the load distribution is uniform, and the slippage on the road surface is small. Small volume, longer mileage of tires;

(2) The crown part can be made of harder rubber as the tread material, and there is a belt layer made of steel wire inside, so the radial tire has good wear resistance and puncture resistance;

(3) Due to the small number of layers of radial tire cord, the friction between layers is small, so its rolling resistance is small, which can effectively improve the fuel economy of automobiles;

(4) Radial tires have fewer plies, thinner sidewalls, and softer carcasses, so they have large radial elasticity, good cushioning and vibration-damping performance, which can improve the ride comfort and ride comfort of the car, and can extend the length of the car’s parts. service life;

(5) Due to the small number of plies of the radial tire and the small friction between the plies, the tire temperature rises slowly, the heat dissipation is faster, and the temperature of the tire is lower, which can meet the needs of high-speed driving.

A number of influencing factors affect the total cost of a tire. Due to the large lateral deformation and the poor lateral stability of the automobile, the manufacturing technology requirements are high, and the cost is also high. Therefore, the initial cost of radial tires is higher than that of bias tires, but the service life is longer, so the cost performance is very good.

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