TBR Production Lines In Pakistan

We have good news to share NAMA on the TBR production line with Southeast Asia. We are always committed to expanding our overseas production lines, especially to provide more options for our American customers to obtain stable and guaranteed supplier resources. Adhering to the policy of rapid response, the market originated from premium and high -quality, and we are committed to becoming a reliable business partner for the commercial truck tire market.

At present, we have two types of TBR in Thai & Vietnam, and we launched a new brand road in Pakistan earlier this year. Still ensure product quality, provide customers with high -quality sources, help customers occupy the market and improve their ability to resist risks. Please check the following introduction and attachments below to obtain more details of the size, patterns and pictures.

Production line

Brief intro & Highlight

Thailand TBR

295/75R22.5, 11R22.5/24.5 mainly, Tread depth up to 26/32nds

New products come with rim size of 17.5 & 19.5!

Vietnam TBR

295/75R22.5, 11R22.5/24.5 mainly, Tread depth up to 26/32nds

ND111 inventory for fast delivery now!

Pakistan TBR

Roadlux brand, Most complete size range of R22.5/24.5, Tread depth up to 30/32nds!

New Brand, New Factory, New Options!

Tips: We have one container only of ND111 295/75R22.5 driver tire for fast delivery from Vietnam. Order to deliver it now!

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