How to use tire snow chain correctly


Tire snow chain is specially designed for automobile safety. The special rough surface of the snow chain is used to increase the friction force of the road surface. Usually, it protects the tires against the snow and muddy road conditions, prevents the tire slipping and ensures the normal driving of the vehicle. In particular, snow chain can effectively ensure the smooth driving and safety of the vehicle on the snow covered road in winter.

The principle of snow chain is to increase the friction force of tire on snow surface, so as to achieve the braking effect. Because the force interaction is mutual, the tire snow chain has certain damage to the tires.

To use tire snow chain correctly, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Better install the chain before the trip, temporary parking installation is more troublesome than early installation, also is not safe. The vehicle should be suspended in safety zone before installation and disassembly. If you are on the busy road, you need to set up the traffic warning signs.

2. Do not install the snow chain in the case of tire in under inflation.

3. Choose the suitable size, the snow chain also has the size limit, respectively suitable for different hub size and tire width, and choose the snow chain that matches the wheel size.

4. After the installation of snow chain, the speed does not exceed 40Km/ h, and avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration.

Remove the snow chains when the vehicles run on the road that does not need to use them.

5. Snow chain is not designed for trailer or tractor.

6. Make sure that install the snow chain on the driving axle of your car.

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