Tire is not food,not the fresher the better!


Thursday 28th, DEC 2017 | QINGDAO NAMA INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD (Rina Liu) 

As we all know, tires are one of the most important components of the car. It not only bear the load of the car, transferring traction and braking torque, but also ensuring that the wheel and the road adhesion, reducing and absorbing the shock and impact while the car is running to ensure the safety of driving, handling stability, comfort and energy saving economy.

Tire is not food,not the fresher the better!

Tires are made of a wide range of chemicals and must be hoarded for a period of time to allow these chemicals to be released and stabilized. 

Tire industry experts pointed out it’s better that the new production of tires could be hoarded 8 to12 months before entering a stable period, but many consumers have little knowledge of this, blindly pursue the "fresh" tires, changing the normal operation of the tire industry.

Consumers have been pursuing the most "fresh" tires, they think the original inventory should be first-in first out, the longer they wait, the worse tire performance will be.  This is one-sided view, should be changed.

Many imported tires from foreign countries, from the production to the destination it will take 2 to 6 months, so the customer are actually buying tires hoarded around 8 to 12 months.

Many owners will determine the life of the tire based on the date of production of the tire. This practice is unscientific.  It should be based on the tread depth of the tread or the total mileage has been to determine whether to replace the tire at the moment, not the date of its production as a standard.

In fact, the tires can generally be driven at least 20,000 km, then the tire pattern may begin to subside, if the driving situation is better, you may also be able to travel to 40,000 -50,000km, but for safety sake, generally we recommend owners driving 30,000 km after the replacement of tires (depending on the specific conditions).  If install tires less than 8 to 12 months of "fresh" tires with poor stability, the service life may not be able to support to travel 20,000 km.

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